Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of values the privacy of their members very seriously and we take care of all the information you provide us. All the information that you provide us is completely protected under our terms of policy. The privacy policy of defines how we collect, protect and process your data that you share on our website. The information includes all the data you provide on the website like the email address for the newsletter or the data that you provide to access the products and services.

Our team works very hard to protect your personal information and data under our terms of privacy policy. The information you provide is only for the purpose to identify you and we assure you that all this information is used only for identifying purpose and won’t be used for any other purpose. The privacy policy is applicable from 10th June 2021.

Why Collect Data?

The reason why we want your personal information is that first we want to send the newsletter to you so that you can get all the information about the new products and freebies. We know that it is important for you to collect the information about the latest details and discounts that you can avail easily. The service that we provide is free of charge and you can avail them easily.

What Type of Data we Collect? collect personal data of the customer that could help them to identify them. Anonymised data is not included in this type of data. The data we collect includes personal data like,

Your Name, Sure Name, Gender and Title

Email and Postal Address

Login Data, IPA( Internet protocol addresses), browser information like browser type & version and plug-ins type & versions, time zone, location and other information like the OS and technology used.

Usage Data like how you use the website and services.

Your preferences on how you choose our products and services so we can communicate with you accordingly.

Some other data could be aggregated from the information provided but the data will not reveal your personal information. To explain this, let me give you an example, we can review the data to collect and show the number of users on the website but we won’t link any personal information that will lead to you. So the aggregated data will not be considered as personal data and you can be rest assured.

One thing that you must keep in mind is that we would not collect any sensitive data from you. The sensitive data includes your religious beliefs, your race, sex life, sexual orientation, ethnicity, memberships, political opinions, criminal convictions and offences, health related information and genetics information or biometric data. If you do not provide the data when demanded by the website or when it is required by law, we will not assure you the service or product for which the information was required. Your order or contract will be cancelled if you do not provide the required information but do not worry we will notify you when we will cancel your order.

How the Data is collected?

The data we collect from you is done by different methods. There are certain type of forms available on the website or the data may be collected through the phone number or email through which you contact us. The phone number or email is provided by you by subscribing to the services or publications or to access the resources and marketing sent to you. The data is also collected when you enter a competition, promotional activity, survey, prize draw or if you contact us for feedback. Some of the technical data will be collected automatically by our automated system about your browsing patterns and your equipment. The technical data is collected though server logs, cookies and other technologies like that. We also receive information from any of the website you visit if the website uses our cookies and lastly we may receive your data from third party available resources.

How we use the data?

The data you provide is only used when the laws allows us, let me tell you about some of the common uses of your data. The most common use of your data is when you subscribe to our newsletter, service or publications. The data is used when we have to send resources or products to you. The data is also used when you enter to any sweepstake, competition, a survey or a feedback. The data may also be used to protect and administrate our website and business, this includes system maintenance, hosting of data, data analysis or any other troubleshooting.

The data may also be used to send products, website contents and advertisement to you, improvement of website, product or series, sending you suggestions that you may like. And lastly the data will be used where ever we will need to use staying in the limits of law and under the regulatory obligation. does not rely on your consent to get the data from you unless the data is used to send marketing communications to you. You can withdraw your consent by emailing us at the email address given in the contact us page. You can also simply click the unsubscribe button on the website to withdraw your consent.

Controlling your Information

You have to right to prohibit us to collect your personal information for any type of use by clicking the box that tells us that you do not want the information to be shared with anyone for marketing purposes. The box will be available on every form that you will fill. If you have allowed us in the past to use your personal information and now you want to restrict us then you can simply write an email to the email address available. One thing that you must keep in mind is that we will not sell or rent your data to third parties. We may use your data to send you information about third parties but we will not send your data to third parties.

Why we Process your personal data?

We have put together all the reasons in detail that how and why we will use your personal data on this page and it is clearly stated that we will only process data by staying in the legal limits implemented. We have clearly stated the interests in which you data may be used with your consent. We can process the data for more than one reason and it is obvious that the data will be only for good purposes under the law.

Marketing Communications

Marketing communication are only made when you request for the information by signing up for our newsletter or if you provide us the details at the start to receive the marketing communication for our services and products.

On, you will receive updates and regular promotions for free samples, competitions, free products trails, sales and offers, paid surveys and tasks, cashback, utility and broadband offers. Other topics may include money management, money saving or insurance services.

Disclosure of your personal information.

Sometimes we may have to share your limited data with the third parties for the following purposes. Data may be shared with the service providers of IT, communication systems, administrative services and data support services. Data can be shared with advisors like bankers, auditors, accountants, insurance parties, lawyers, banking and legal services providers.  Law enforcing departments, HR revenue, Customs and regulators are also the departments with which your data may be shared because they need to report the processing activities in some cases.

We assure you that the personal data of yours that we share with these kind of third parties is used according to law and our instructions. The permission is granted for only specified reasons and no one is allowed to use the data for any other reason than the specified one.

Messaging Services

If you send a start message to our Facebook Page via the Facebook Messenger that means that you agree to the privacy policy of and allow us to use your personal data like the name, sure name, messenger id, mobile number, profile image etc. All you need is an account on the Facebook page and then just simply send us a message.

Your personal data might be processed at the servers of the respective service provider (in this case Facebook) and we do not guarantee about the level of data protection they offer to you. Although their privacy is compatible with the laws of the country but it is better to go through the privacy policy of the respective messenger when you contact us via that service. As there are some privacy policy points that a person may not be aware of.

Whenever you want to stop this data sharing with us, you can simply send a message ‘Stop’ via our respective service provider. If you want to delete all the previous data that is stored at our technical service provider you can simply send a message ‘ delete all data’ and your data will be deleted at that time.

Email Tracking Technology sends emails to its valuable user via the Mailchimp platform and te record of email is maintained at our servers by use of technology. The number of click on the page, the emails received and sent, the subscriptions and un-subscriptions all are gathered at our websites by using industry standard technologies.

International Transfers has service providers from all over the world, from Canada to the USA, so we may transfer your data internationally so that we could send you the latest free stuff and offers. Whenever we share personal data with such type of third parties residing outside the country, we make sure that your personal data is kept safe and secure and a similar protection level is offered as our country and law.

Third Parties With Whom your Information would be shared

As stated above that your personal data may be shared with some of the third parties, so these third parties are Google Analytics, Mailerlite, Facebook, VWO and Twitter.

Data Security

At, we make sure that we put all the security measures to keep your data safe and secure. We make sure that you data should not be lost, used or accessed in an illegal way or it should not be altered. We have put some of the best physical, managerial and electronic procedures that help to safeguard your data. We also limit the third parties to access your personal data to a specified purpose and all those employees or agents that may need such type of data are prohibited to use our site data. The data will only be processed under our privacy policy terms and all the work will be kept confidential as a subject of duty.

In case of any mishap, we will notify you about the data breach and our team will take action against it.

Data Retention

The data we collect is only kept until the purpose of data collection is fulfilled. The purposes also includes accounting, reporting or any legal requirements. It depends upon the amount, sensitivity and nature of your personal data that how long we will keep it. It also depends on the fulfilment of the purpose for which your data was collected and all the applicable legal requirements that are necessary for us.

According to the law we have to keep your data for 6 years and the data includes the contract, yours identity, financial record between you and The data is kept for 6 years due to the tax purposes and if you want us to delete the data you can simply ask us to do so. Sometimes the data we use for statistical purposes is anonymised so that it could no longer be associated with you. In that type of case we will use the date without notifying you.

Your Legal Rights

You have the rights under the data protection law in some circumstances. These laws allows you to access your personal data, ask for changing in your personal data, ask to delete your personal data, ask to transfer your personal data, request to prohibit processing your data and you have the right to withdraw your consent. So if you ever want to exercise any of your right written above, you can simply send us an email.

You do not have to pay any fee to access your data or to exercise any of the legal rights written above. But if your request is repetitive and excessive then we may charge you a fee or we can also refuse to comply your request. If you ask to access your personal data, we will need some specific information in order to confirm to your identity and make sure that it is you who want to access his/her own data. This step is necessary for your own security and we make sure that your data is not accessed by any other person. We can contact you back on your request and ask for some information in order to speed up the response.

We try to respond to your request as early as possible but it may take a month to respond to a legitimate request. It can also take longer if you requesting a complex exercise or you are excessively requesting for something, in that type of cases we will keep you notified.

Third Party Links

We assure complete privacy policy of our own website but there are some third party links on our website for your interests. We are not responsible for the privacy policy of such companies and we cannot be held responsible for any data breach from the third party website. Whenever you are visiting such type of a website please make sure you read the privacy policy so that you could keep yourself and your personal data secure. It is a good exercise to go through the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the site before using it.

Cookies Usage

It is a common practice from all the type of websites to use cookies services which are tiny files that are downloaded to your browser in order to improve your experience while using the website. A permission is asked before this small file is downloaded on your computer’s hard drive and if you allow the cookie is downloaded. The cookie helps you to analyse web traffic and provides you the information about when you use the particular website. Cookies basically remembers your preferences and enables the websites to treat you as an individual. With the help of cookies, the website can tailor its activities according to your preferences.

As also has an email subscription and a newsletter to keep you updated. So the cookies may be used to gather information about you that whether you subscribed to the newsletter and which type of notifications you must receive. On, traffic log cookies are being exercised in order to know that what page has the most traffic in it and what type of stuff people want, this helps us to make our website and services better. The data collected through cookies is only for analysis and is deleted after the usage.

A cookie never gives us access to your computer or personal files, it only allows us to see your preferences so that we could give you the most of the things that you are interested in. in some of the cases we may use cookies from our trusted third party service providers. If you are not satisfied with our cookies services or you think that we should know your this information, you can simply decline our cookies services from your browser, most of the browsers automatically allows you to do so, in this case you can modify your browser settings.

Contact Us

So this was our terms of privacy policy and if you have any question regarding our privacy policy, feel free to contact us at the email given below. It is important that we must have your updated information so if you want to update your information simply send us an email.