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At FreeCanadaSamples.com, our team works hard around-the-clock to give you access to the latest and greatest samples, freebies, coupons, competitions and giveaways! You can look forward to our daily updates that will give you insider access to more free stuff than you could handle.

Canadian companies host giveaways and free sample campaigns as a marketing tactic in order to attract more consumer interest. That means that you have dozens of different opportunities to get great stuff with no cost to you! All you need to provide are your name and address, then just click ‘submit’. Yes, it’s that easy!

What Makes Us Different?

We find the best freebies across the Internet in Canada and oftentimes, you get access to fantastic stuff from top quality brands such as Dove, Nivea, Colgate, Garnier and more! From popular beauty products to pet food to baby supplies, the possibilities are endless for the amount of great stuff you can get sent to your mailbox.

Please keep in mind that companies get thousands of freebie requests, therefore, it can take up to four weeks or 28 days to receive your requested samples.

We independently verify all of the freebies and information posted on our website. We will never knowingly post spam or phishing scams. It is important to us that every visitor to our site trusts our judgement and can rely on our list of great freebies.

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